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Microsoft buys up Smart Glass domain names after app rumors break

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Microsoft has begun snatching up domain names associated with the phrase "Smart Glass," starting the day rumors broke about a new Xbox Live companion app going by the same name.

Xbox 360 Controller Closeup
Xbox 360 Controller Closeup

Last week rumors surfaced about Smart Glass, an Xbox Live companion app that Microsoft was allegedly prepping for Windows computers and mobile devices. Interestingly, Redmond has responded to the rumors by snatching up almost every URL variation of "Microsoft," "Xbox," and "Smart Glass" it could find. As Fusible reports, the company has picked up at least 32 URLs through MarkMonitor, ranging from to ( is already taken). All of the sites currently forward to Bing, with the registrations starting on June 1st — the same day the Smart Glass rumors broke. It should be noted, however, that the company wasn't able to snag That domain was registered by an individual in China on the 1st as well, so Microsoft could merely be making defensive registrations in anticipation of those trying to profit by squatting on URLs related to the news. Either way, the initial rumor stated that the Smart Glass app would be unveiled at E3 this week, so we shouldn't have to wait too long to find out if there's fire behind the Smart Glass smoke.