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Acer announces 11.6-inch Iconia W700 Windows 8 tablet (update: hands-on video)

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Acer announces ICONIA W700 Windows 8 tablet at Computex 2012

Gallery Photo: Acer Iconia W700 hands-on pictures
Gallery Photo: Acer Iconia W700 hands-on pictures

Acer's unloading all of its Windows 8 announcements at Computex in Taipei today, among them the Iconia W510 and W700 tablets. While we don't have full specs for either yet, the W700 is an 11.6-inch Full HD, 10-finger multitouch touchscreen tablet with Dolby Home Theater sound, and it's also got a pretty interesting cradle to go with it. The cradle allows for a tilt of up to 70 degrees while in landscape mode for better viewing angles, and goes to 20 degrees for more convenient touch angles. We also know that the W700 has three USB 3.0 ports.

It looks like the Acer Iconia W700 will run from $799 to $999 and will also have an optional keyboard when it hits shelves. We'll update with more information as it becomes available.

Update: See our hands-on pictures and video below! Acer isn't really discussing specs yet, but this isn't an ARM slate. There's an Intel Ivy Bridge processor under the hood, and there's a Thunderbolt port on the left side, right above the miniature HDMI jack.