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Acer introduces Aspire S7 Windows 8 touchscreen ultrabooks (hands-on video)

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Acer's Aspire S7 Windows 8 ultrabook will be available in 11.6- and 13.3-inch sizes with 1080p touchscreens. The 13.3-inch version will have a glossy layer of glass on the outside of its lid.

Gallery Photo: Acer Aspire S7 photos
Gallery Photo: Acer Aspire S7 photos

Acer is unveiling its first Windows 8 collection at Computex and Taipei, and while it’s showing off some other, non-traditional designs, its Aspire S7 aluminum ultrabook is quite a looker. The 1080p touchscreen laptop is coming in two sizes — 13.3 and 11.6 inches — and Acer is quoting 12 and 9 hours of battery life, respectively. Other details are light, but Acer is adding a glossy layer of glass to the outside of the 13.3-inch machine’s aluminum lid. It seems like the company is tempting fate a little by putting glass on the laptop's exterior, but the "trendy and elegant appearance" must be worth it.

Acer says the 11.6-inch S7 is "the world's smallest form factor ultrabook with touch," measuring a scant 12mm thick (the 11.6-inch MacBook Air is 11.8mm, for comparison). Both laptops fold open to 180 degrees, making them easy to lay flat on your conference room table. The S7 will be available for between $999 and $1799, depending on your configuration.