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A bad night: Netflix and Instagram go down amid Amazon Web Services outage

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Both Netflix and Instagram lost service on Friday night.

Netflix logo
Netflix logo

Friday night movie? Don't plan on Netflix to watch it — the service has gone down harder than an aborted Qwikster launch across wide swaths of the country. Twitter's awash with complaints, the main website is down as of this writing, and that's not even the worst part. The worst part is that, right now, you can neither post an image of your busted Netflix app on Instagram nor look at your friends' filtered photos while you wait for Netflix to come back online. Guess it's time to head to Pinterest — except it's out too. It's all thanks to an Amazon Cloud outage, says VentureBeat. The AWS health dashboard has details on the various storm-related "Power Issues" at some locations in "N. Virginia," if you want to watch the play-by-play.

You could go outside, maybe, and check in on Foursquare now that it's back online after an outage earlier today. Or not. May we offer you a nicely chilled Google Nexus 7 review or a full-bodied Nexus Q review while you wait for both web services to get back online?

Update: Netflix has acknowledged the issue on Twitter. It's working on it.

Update 2: Netflix now says that "everyone should be back up shortly, if you aren't already."

Update 3: It looks like Instagram is back up as well, and according to the company, no data was lost.