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Office 2013 icon leak reveals Microsoft's continued Metro push

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Microsoft's Office 2013 suite will include Metro-style application icons and is expected to be released in early July.

Office 15 hero

We saw some evidence earlier this month that Microsoft might be planning to overhaul the icon design in its Office 2013 suite, but a leak today has confirmed and revealed the upcoming changes. With an Office 2013 public beta expected in early July, the software giant is switching to a more modern Metro style for its Office icons. Liveside has uncovered icons for OneNote and Excel that match the continued use of Metro across Microsoft's products and services.


Early builds of Office 2013 include a number of improvements across each individual app, with a Reading Mode and Touch Mode designed to flatten areas for easier touch navigation on Windows 8 tablets. Microsoft is also prepping an Office 2013 RT edition that will be bundled into an upcoming version of Windows RT, designed for Windows 8 ARM-based tablets.