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U.S. Cellular lowers pricing on prepaid plans, narrows options for smartphone owners

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U.S. Cellular has updated pricing of its prepaid plans, limiting smartphone owners to a $65 package while lowering costs for those using feature phones.

U.S. Cellular Prepaid
U.S. Cellular Prepaid

U.S. Cellular has made some pricing changes to its prepaid planss, and while savings are in store for those with a basic feature phone, the news isn't quite as good for smartphone owners. If you're opposed to signing a contract with the sixth largest carrier in the US, there's now only one choice: a $65 package (down from $70) provides unlimited talk and text along with a 2GB data cap.

The company has also lowered rates on its $50 plan (formerly $60, which includes the same unlimited minutes and messaging along with 1GB of data), but is no longer allowing smartphone customers to choose that option. Instead, much like U.S. Cellular's $35 prepaid offering — featuring 400 minutes / 400 texts / 400 picture messages — it can only be used with a basic phone. Keep in mind that the latter also carries a $20 activation fee and $0.25/minute overage charges. At least a better Twitter experience awaits those stuck with a dumbphone.