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Asus Transformer AiO dual-boots Windows 8 and Android 4.0 (hands-on video)

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Asus has announced the Transformer AIO, a tablet PC whose display doubles as a tablet.

Asus Transformer AIO
Asus Transformer AIO

It would seem there's no stopping Asus' shapeshifting aspirations: at its press conference in Computex, the company announced the Transformer all-in-one, a desktop PC equipped with an Intel Ivy Bridge processor, a discrete graphics card, and an 18.4-inch 10-finger multitouch display in anticipation of Microsoft's Windows 8. Mustn't forget that "transformer" bit — lift the screen out of its base, and it doubles as a gargantuan tablet.

While in tablet mode, the Transformer AiO will use a remote desktop interface to communicate with the dock, and function as a Windows 8 PC. Asus also claims that the all-in-one will be able to slide seamlessly from Windows 8 into Android 4.0 while in tablet mode, which lends the machine quite a bit of potential, where apps are concerned. That said, details are scarce: there's no word on the specs or a price. We'd also be curious to know what sort of battery life we can expect from such a large tablet, as Asus seems to expect us to spend some quality time curling up with it away from its dock. We'll certainly learn more as we get some hands-on time with it over the next few days.