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Asus RT-AC66U AiCloud Router supports 802.11ac Wi-Fi for 1.75Gbps

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Asus announces RT-AC66U router with new 802.11ac Wi-Fi support for 1.75Gbps of total throughput

ASUS RT-AC66U AiCloud Router s
ASUS RT-AC66U AiCloud Router s

Asus' newest router was just announced at Computex with 802.11ac Wi-Fi support. Like the Netgear R6200, Asus' RT-AC66U offers Wi-Fi speeds around three times as fast as 802.11n, capable of a combined 2.4GHz / 5GHz bandwidth of 1.75Gbps (1.3Gbps on 5GHz, 450Mbps on 2.4GHz) thanks to the advanced IEEE standard. It supports up to eight SSIDs and features Gigabit ethernet and two USB ports — one to host a 3G dongle and another for serving up DLNA media from an attached drive.

It also includes a number of Asus AiCloud enhancements that let you access your data from anywhere in the connected world. The Asus Smart Sync, Smart Access, and Cloud Disk capabilities combine to let you "cloudify" all your devices — Windows, Mac, or Linux — in order to sync your private USB-attached data with "unlimited" cloud storage. Like Netgear, Asus is also offering an 802.11ac USB-AC53 USB stick offering 2x2 data connectivity speeds at 867Mbps over 5GHz, or 300Mbps over 2.4GHz. Unfortunately, Asus hasn't provided pricing or a retail date.