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ViewSonic's Android Smart Display is a 22-inch tablet for your desktop (hands-on)

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Hands-on impressions of ViewSonic's VCD22 Android Smart Display.

Gallery Photo: ViewSonic Android Smart Display VCD22 photos
Gallery Photo: ViewSonic Android Smart Display VCD22 photos

If you like the look of the Asus Transformer AiO but don't care about the portability factor, ViewSonic's Android Smart Display VCD22 may be of interest — it's a 22-inch 1080p Android 4.0 machine with an all-in-one form factor that you're unlikely to want to use on your lap. There's a 1GHz dual-core processor inside, along with 1GB RAM, and it seemed to back up the software smoothly enough with impressively speedy touch response.

The Android 4.0 skin itself seems to be untouched, but there were a lot of family-friendly apps suggesting that the VCD22 may be most at home in an educational or living room environment. Our biggest complaint was with the screen itself, which had fairly low contrast and poor viewing angles, but at $479 ViewSonic's Android Smart Display may represent good value for those who can find a use for it.