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Snapquest live streams Instagram photos by location, adds sharing tools

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Snapquest uses the Instagram API to find public photos in a given location and provides tools to share them with your social network.


There are any number of ways to sort photos on sharing sites like Flickr and Instagram, and even a few apps (like Instabam) that find photos near you. What makes web tool Snapquest interesting is its combination of location-based photo streaming and social integration. Upon visiting the site, you're asked to select a city: so far, it's only available for New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. The site then pulls public, location-tagged photos from Instagram and displays them both as a live slideshow and as pins on a map. If you find a picture you like, you can choose to share it to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Stumbleupon, or you can email or bookmark the direct link.

Although there's apparently a lag of a few minutes, the site updates pretty regularly, adding a new pin and photo each time it does. Unfortunately, it's a bit slow to load for us, and there's no mobile-optimized site. Part of the appeal of photo sharing on Facebook is the idea that you know the person taking the picture, but Snapquest may feel right at home around Pinterest and similar networks.