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Galaxy S III is coming to US Cellular, too: pre-orders begin on June 12th

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US Cellular has announced that it will begin taking pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S III on June 12th.

Samsung Galaxy S III Pebble Blue (STOCK)
Samsung Galaxy S III Pebble Blue (STOCK)

Not to be outdone by the nationals, regional carrier US Cellular has announced that it'll be carrying the Galaxy S III as well. It says that pricing and release date will be revealed on Tuesday, June 12th — the same day that pre-orders begin — but in the meantime, we know that they'll be carrying both the 16GB and 32GB versions of the phone. As with other American versions, we're getting a 1.5GHz "dual-core processor" (almost certainly a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4) and 2GB of RAM. The phone will also support USCC's nascent LTE network, marking the first time that the carrier has offered a "new" phone model (that is, a phone that hasn't already been offered by another carrier) that's LTE-compatible. The 16GB version will come in both blue and white, while the 32GB will be available in white only.