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Major internet companies gear up for shift to IPv6 architecture on Wednesday

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A new FAQ to help you understand just what the upcoming IPv6 launch will mean for you.

World IPv6 Day
World IPv6 Day

Internet Protocol version 6 is almost here — this Wednesday IPv6 will be launching worldwide, with the likes of Google, Facebook, and Yahoo pledging to enable the new protocol. But what will this actually mean for you? If you're curious about what IPv6 is and how it will impact you, CNET has put together a great FAQ outlining just about everything you need to know. And as the site points out, the chances of actually running into any sort of issue are quite slim. During a 24-hour IPv6 test that took place a year ago, for example, Yahoo found that just 0.055 percent of users ran into issues — and once they took steps to address the problems that number shrunk to 0.03 percent. The company even has a handy tool to determine whether or not your system is ready. But even though your transition will likely be smooth, it's probably a good idea to check out the article to see what the new protocol is all about.