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Corning launches slim, flexible 'Willow Glass' that can be wrapped around devices

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Corning has officially launched Willow Glass, an ultra-slim and flexible glass substrate that can be wrapped around devices.

Corning Willow Glass
Corning Willow Glass

With Gorilla Glass 2 and Lotus Glass already in production, Corning is today adding yet another glass to its portfolio with the launch of an ultra-slim and flexible substrate called Willow Glass. The company is marketing its latest creation as nothing short of revolutionary, with thinness and flexibility that will allow displays to "wrap" around a device or structure. Naturally, that means it could also potentially be used in the contour-style screens we've seen on recent Nexus handsets. To that end, Corning says the glass has been formulated for ideal performance when paired with touch sensors and can be produced in sheets that are just 100 microns thick — equivalent to a standard sheet of paper. Willow Glass could also see implementation within flexible solar cells, though that use case is admittedly far less groundbreaking. The company is currently shipping samples of Willow Glass to select customers and full production could begin sometime later this year.