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    Siri for iPad and Mountain Lion's 'Do Not Disturb' switch rumored on iOS 6

    Siri for iPad and Mountain Lion's 'Do Not Disturb' switch rumored on iOS 6


    Sources have told 9to5 Mac that iOS 6 will include Siri for iPad and Mountain Lion features like iCloud tab syncing, VIP Mail, and the "Do Not Disturb" switch.

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    We're slowly seeing more rumors about iOS 6, and while this new batch isn't mind-blowing, some of them could certainly be helpful. According to 9to5 Mac, Apple could be bringing the full Siri voice-based assistant to iPads. "Trusted sources" have apparently said that Siri is being tested on both the new iPad and the iPad 2, although it may only be supported for the newer model. It's rumored to be a pop-up window that wouldn't dominate the larger screen of the iPad. The mockup above is based on these sources' information, so if the feature is actually coming, it may look a bit different.

    If you've used a recent version of Apple's Mountain Lion Developer Preview, you may also have noticed the "Do Not Disturb" switch, which prevents notification popups from appearing when it's on but still keeps track of them for when you're no longer busy. That small but useful feature may be coming as well, along with a few other tweaks that are already in use on Mountain Lion. Besides "Do Not Disturb," iOS 6 will reportedly add the iCloud tab syncing feature and Mail VIP, a star that appears on mail in Mountain Lion if you've designated the sender as important. While we'll have to wait for confirmation, we'd be happy to see any of these little tweaks come to Apple's mobile devices.