The New Liveblog Tool: Tips? Issues? Feedback? Praise?


Hey folks, we just had the world debut of our new liveblog tool, Syllabus. If you missed it, Polygon and The Verge just covered Microsoft's Xbox E3 experience.

For those of you who hopped into the liveblog and read along, what did you think? How did it look in your browser? Did you load up the liveblog on your phone?

We're looking for any feedback, problems and suggestions you have. Also, if there's something you really liked in our new liveblog, please point it out so everyone else can check it out.

If you had an issue, please tell us your browser/OS and explain the behavior so we can attempt to reproduce the problem.

Thank you very much for your help as we work to improve our products!

Cory Williams
Community Manager
Vox Media