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Nintendo to announce 3DS XL with 4.3-inch screen at E3, says Nikkei

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According to a new report, Nintendo is set to unveil a new, bigger version of the 3DS at E3.

3ds japan 640
3ds japan 640

Nintendo has already shown off its new Wii U controller and Miiverse online service ahead of E3, but the company might also have another surprise in store — a 3DS with a bigger screen. Just as the company took the DSi and turned it into the DSi XL, Nikkei is reporting that Nintendo will unveil an extra large version of the 3DS. The new iteration will reportedly have a 4.3-inch display, putting it at around the same size the DSi XL, and quite a bit bigger than the current 3DS' 3.53-inch screen. The device is still a rumor for now, but if Nintendo does announce it we'll likely hear about it during the company's E3 keynote tomorrow morning, which you can follow live here on The Verge at 9:00AM PT.

Update: Nintendo has denied the report.