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System-wide Facebook integration rumored in iOS 6

System-wide Facebook integration rumored in iOS 6


Sources have told 9to5 Mac that Facebook integration in iOS 6 will be system-wide, similar to the way Twitter is currently integrated.

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Following on the heels of its previous inside information, 9to5 Mac has given us another small but notable iOS feature rumor. According to sources, iOS 6 will include system-wide Facebook integration that's similar to how iOS 5 deals with Twitter. That means if you opened an app like Photos, you'd be able to share something to Facebook as well as Tweet, print, or email it, and you'd be able to set Facebook single sign-in information from the settings. This is pretty much what we expected when earlier rumors pointed to Facebook and iOS integration, and Tim Cook has said told us to "stay tuned" for more Facebook news, but any extra confirmation is appreciated. iOS 4 and Ping, after all, were falsely rumored to have Facebook as well when they launched. On iTunes, however, Facebook sharing already appears alongside Twitter, letting you "Like" an app, so it's not unreasonable to expect more integration now. As with the last batch of hints, the image above is a mockup, and we'll be waiting for Tim Cook's word to call this fact.