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Verizon to end 'double data' promotion on June 5th, right before Galaxy S III pre-orders?

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A leaked Verizon document indicates the carrier's "double data" plan promotion will be ending on June 5th, the day before Samsung's Galaxy S III is available to pre-order.

Verizon 4G LTE (STOCK)
Verizon 4G LTE (STOCK)

No one (aside from the carriers) likes data caps, but Verizon has made them slightly more palatable over the last six months or so by offering customers double the data when they purchase a 4G LTE device — $30 has gotten customers 4GB per month, rather than the usual 2GB. Unfortunately, a leaked document obtained by Droid Life makes it seem the double data bonanza is going to end tomorrow, June 5th. Perhaps not coincidentally, Samsung's highly-anticipated Galaxy S III will be available for pre-orders starting on June 6th — it looks like the many people who are likely to purchase the latest and (arguably) greatest Android handset from Verizon will have to make do with the carrier's standard data plans. Of course, we won't know for sure if these plans are going away until June 6th — but if you're worried, you could always grab a different LTE device (we're still partial to the Galaxy Nexus), get on that double data plan, and then exchange it for the Galaxy S III. Just make sure you exchange your device within the return period.