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T-Mobile says incoming HTC One S software update will be available OTA only

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T-Mobile has removed any mention of a manual download for its incoming software update for the HTC One S, saying that it will now be available only as an over-the-air update.

HTC One S for T-Mobile
HTC One S for T-Mobile

If you were hoping for a quick method of installing T-Mobile's imminent software update for the HTC One S — said to resolve Wi-Fi battery drain issues and other bugs — we've got some disappointing news. While the carrier was quick to promise a fix for the (relatively minor) problems facing early adopters, a last-minute change to the handset's support page indicates that users will not have access to a manual download for the latest software build. Instead, you'll need to wait for the update to arrive over the air, which T-Mo says could occur anytime between today and July 7th. Previously, the site mentioned that the impatient among us would have the option of manually downloading and installing the new software, but that text was removed at some point earlier this afternoon.

Thankfully there are enterprising individuals in the Android community that often find ways of forcing these upgrades despite a carrier's intentions, so you might not have to contend with a month-long delay after all. Even if you do wind up playing the waiting game, it's worth remembering that this update is fairly small in scope. Unless you're a frequent user of Wi-Fi calling, it's likely that you won't even notice a difference.