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    Samsung shows off Ultra Touch and Ultra Convertible ultrabooks

    Samsung shows off Ultra Touch and Ultra Convertible ultrabooks


    Samsung's Ultra Touch and Ultra Convertible ultrabooks sport touch screens in anticipation of Windows 8.

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    Samsung Ultra Convertible
    Samsung Ultra Convertible

    The Series 5 Ultra Convertible and Ultra Touch bear some resemblance to the Series 5 Ultrabooks that precede them, but the pair Samsung is showing off here at Computex are designed around Windows 8, offering 1366 x 768 touch screens. The Ultra Convertible takes the notion one step further, with a 13-inch screen that can fold back onto the base. While touch screens on ultrabooks have proven rather popular lately, there are a few questionable design choices here that give us pause. The first are the glossy screens: like the Samsung Series 7 all-in-one we saw earlier today, the displays on both machines are rather difficult to see if you aren't standing directly in front of them. Most of this can be attributed to the convention center's ample lighting, but as it stands, we can't imagine taking these ultrabooks for a spin outdoors.

    The hinges on the Ultra Touch give us pause: it didn't really hold up well to cursory swiping and tapping, wobbling furiously as we navigated Microsoft's touch-centric OS. The Ultra Convertible held up rather well, but it's plagued with the same design quirk that hampers the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga: if you use the base as a stand or hold the device aloft as a tablet, you're going to have to deal with mashing those keys. That said, these are prototypes. There's no word on when they'll be arriving in the US (or how much they'll cost), but given the rush to accomodate Windows 8's touch support, it stands to reason that Samsung will want to get things right.

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