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Dell Inspiron 14z ultrabook revealed at Intel Computex event

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Hands-on impressions of the Dell Inspiron 14z ultrabook, just revealed by Intel at Computex Taipei.

dell inspiron 14z ultrabook
dell inspiron 14z ultrabook

Intel is showing off a whole range of Ivy Bridge ultrabooks here at Computex Taipei, and a new Dell model is among them. We don't have much in the way of specs to offer, but the Inspiron 14z ultrabook (not to be confused with the earlier Inspiron 14z laptops) comes in a rather eye-catching shade of red. The form factor is on the bulky side, so we're keen to see what Dell has managed to fit in the chassis — the company clearly isn't aiming to push the envelope in terms of physical design, with the previous XPS 13 ultrabook looking positively svelte in comparison. We'll bring you more on this machine as we get it.