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Wi-Fi Alliance's Miracast Wireless Display initiative gets a partner in TI

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TI has announced that its upcoming processors will be Miracast-compliant, offering a range of wireless media capabilities.

Wi-Fi Alliance
Wi-Fi Alliance

The Wi-Fi Alliance announced the Wii-Fi Certified Miracast program last week in response to Apple AirPlay. Miracast-certified products will comply with the Wi-Fi Alliance's Wireless Display (WiDi) standards and will be able to mirror each other's displays or beam videos wirelessly. The technology will be built into laptops, projectors, smartphones, tablets, televisions, and more. Today Texas Instruments (TI) has announced that its upcoming processors will be Miracast-compliant, and highlighted how the platform will be more useful than current streaming services.

TI says that as video processing is offloaded to a dedicated hardware accelerator, users will be able to stream movies and music while still using their device as normal. It also says that, unlike some current streaming solutions, its Miracast-capable chips will be capable of wireless playback of any media, regardless of codec or DRM. TI has named Android devices as its target for the new technology. It's demoing Miracast using its OMAP4470 SoC at Computex this week, and says its long-awaited next-generation OMAP 5 SoCs will arrive later this year with Miracast certification.