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Nokia Maps 2.0 for Windows Phone released, includes new sync favorites feature

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Nokia Maps updated for Lumia Windows Phones, includes new sync favorites feature.

Nokia Maps stock
Nokia Maps stock

Nokia Maps version 2.0 is rolling out to Windows Phones today, alongside a beta Nokia Transport app. Nokia Maps 2.0 includes a new feature that syncs favorites from the online version of Nokia Maps to Nokia Maps on Windows Phone, and the mobile web version for iOS and Android using a Nokia account. We know that Bing Maps will eventually bear the Nokia name, and a unified map design along with recent traffic results updates appear to be laying the foundations towards a Bing Maps service powered by Nokia. Today's Nokia Maps 2.0 update is clearly a part of this process with the addition of a sync feature.

Other improvements in the update include a new option to upload a photo with a place review in the location-based service. Nokia Maps 2.0 is available for all Lumia Windows Phones in the Nokia Collection part of the Windows Phone Marketplace.