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Sony SmartWatch 1.2.33 update causing big issues for some users

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A number of users have complained that their Sony SmartWatches are unable to hold a connection after a system update.

Sony SmartWatch Head 1020px
Sony SmartWatch Head 1020px

A number of users are complaining that their Sony SmartWatches have been crippled by the recent 1.2.33 system update. The Google Play store is littered with complaints from users that say their watches are no longer able to stay connected to a smartphone. Some users have also complained about random reboots and constant vibrating.

Reports from xda-developers suggest that Sony's latest firmware update 1.2.34 is safe to update to, but many users have experienced difficulties in updating as their watch is unable to hold a connection for long enough. One user that did manage to update is still experiencing connection problems. It's unclear how many users have been affected by the issues and Sony has yet to comment publicly on the matter, so suggest that any users that haven't yet updated their SmartWatch hold tight until Sony explains exactly what's going on here.

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