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'New Super Mario Bros. U' announced by Nintendo

'New Super Mario Bros. U' announced by Nintendo


New Super Mario Bros. U coming to Nintendo's newest platform.

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At Nintendo's E3 press conference this morning, the company confirmed New Super Mario Bros. U for the company's upcoming Wii U console.

The game is similar to Super Mario Bros. Wii but features several additional mechanics. One player participates with the tablet controller while up to four other players use Wii motes. The player using the tablet can tap on the tablet's screen to create platforms for the other players to jump on. Once a platformer has been jumped on it begins to shrink away. The game can also be transferred between the television to the tablet controller.

There is also a new flying-squirrel suit that allows players to glide. Players don the suit by collecting acorns.

Yoshi is also obtainable in New Super Mario Bros. U. If found as an item, shaking Yoshi will transform him into a giant balloon on which players can float. Yoshi can also shoot bubbles underwater.