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Layar Creator brings interactive augmented reality to print media

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Layar Creator is a web application that helps print media designers integrate augmented reality content into their publications.

layar print
layar print

Layar, an alternate reality app that's been around for quite a while, recently introduced a web service called Creator that allows print media designers to incorporate interactive web assets into publications. Creator doesn't just embed QR codes — it can use the features of a magazine page as an anchor point and then overlay pictures, video, and buttons on iOS and Android devices inside the Layar app.

Layar Creator includes pre-made buttons and frames for embedding media like pictures, video, and sounds. However, for print designers who want a deeper level of control for their publications, Creator allows them to upload their own assets which they can use to create custom alternate reality items. Check out the videos below to see how Creator works, and get ready to live in a world where waving your phone at your magazines makes perfect sense.