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Good Deal: New Verizon customers get the Galaxy Nexus for a penny at Amazon Wireless

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Amazon is offering Samsung's Galaxy Nexus for only one cent to customers signing up for a new Verizon Wireless account.

Galaxy Nexus Good Deal
Galaxy Nexus Good Deal

Amazon Wireless' one cent sales aren't really anything new, but when the company offers up Google's flagship Android 4.0 handset for a penny, it's hard not to take notice. Customers signing up for a new account with Verizon Wireless can buy the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for $0.01 after agreeing to the requisite two-year contract. Just be absolutely certain this is the phone you want, since cancelling service after 14 days will result in not one, but two early termination fees. Verizon will collect its standard $350 charge, but you'll also be slammed with a $250 fee from the online retailer. Still, next to the device being offered free on contract, this is the best deal you're going to get for a native Android experience on Verizon. And unlike those of us who endured a lengthy wait for the carrier to deliver Android 4.0.4 to Nexus owners, the latest update should be waiting for you out of the box.