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HTC One phones running PlayStation Mobile spotted at Sony's E3 booth

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HTC's One series will be the first non-Sony devices to be PlayStation Certified.

HTC One with PlayStation Mobile (angled)
HTC One with PlayStation Mobile (angled)

Yesterday at E3 Sony announced a partnership to bring PlayStation Mobile — previously known as PlayStation Suite — to HTC's phones. While no specific devices were mentioned at the event, the HTC One X on stage gave us an decent idea of what to expect. Sony has since revealed that HTC's One series will be the first third-party products to don the PlayStation Certified moniker, specifically, the HTC One X, One S, and One V.

Sony wasted no time showing off its new relationship with HTC. We spotted the HTC One X, One S, and One V running what's purported to be PlayStation Mobile (née PlayStation Suite) behind glass at Sony's E3 booth. Unfortunately we couldn't play with the units, and the screens shown were more proof of concept with some minor idle animations and menus. The appearance of HTC's One series is more symbolic than anything — all three of the well-received devices were presented on the foreground with the Sony products (Xperia S, Vita, Tablet S, and Tablet P) behind them. Notably absent? The Xperia Play — not that we're surprised at this point.

HTC Corporation chief product officer Kouji Kodera said in the press release:

HTC is focused on delivering innovative mobile experiences for people everywhere and SCE's immersive world of gaming will bring compelling entertainment to HTC One customers across the globe.

Content created using the PlayStation Mobile SDK will be released on the phones later this year, joining the already-certified Sony Xperia Arc, Acro, Acro S, Play, Acro HD, S, and Ion smartphones, as well as both the Sony Tablet S and Tablet P.

Justin Rubio contributed to this report.