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Iranian mobile firm obtained Sun, HP, and Cisco tech despite US sanctions, says Reuters

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A new report claims that, despite sanctions, Iran's second-largest mobile company has obtained technology from the likes of Sun, HP, and Cisco.

Flickr Iran flag
Flickr Iran flag

There may be sanctions in place aimed at preventing US firms from doing business with Iran, but that hasn't stopped technology from Sun, HP, and Cisco from turning up at the country's second largest mobile provider, reports Reuters. According to the report, MTN Irancell managed to acquire the technology by utilizing a network of companies located in Iran and throughout the Middle East. Chris Kilowan, a former executive at South African-based parent company MTN, explained that the parent firm actually established these practices and even helped create a local company focused on working around the sanctions. "There's nothing you can get in the US or Dubai that you can't get in Iran," Kilowan told Reuters.

MTN, meanwhile, said that to the best of its knowledge no employees were involved in acquiring equipment "in a manner that was intended to avoid or circumvent US sanctions." Likewise, Cisco, Sun, and HP all said that they were unaware of any sales to Iran and that they were investigating the matter. However, Kilowan has a different story, telling Reuters that, with the approval of MTN, the trio set-up an Iranian company called Arya Hamrah Samaneh Co, which was used to "camouflage" the technology purchases. Arya Hamrah reportedly brought the goods into Iran via Dubai. The news comes not long after it was revealed that Chinese firm ZTE was under investigation for shipping embargoed US technology to Telecommunication Company of Iran.