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HTC Media Link HD wireless streaming adapter for One series available now from AT&T for $90

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The HTC Media Link HD video streaming dongle is available now from AT&T for $90.

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HTC Media Link HD
HTC Media Link HD

HTC snuck in a bit of a surprise announcement during its MWC 2012 press conference earlier this year when it revealed the Media Link HD. We haven't heard anything new on the unit in quite some time, but the wireless streaming adapter is available now from AT&T's website for $90. The Media Link HD serves one use: to mirror your One series phone's display onto a TV screen for sharing video, music, and photos — a little like AirPlay. The unit itself is about the size of a cigarette packet and has an HDMI port to connect to the display and a Micro USB port for power. To initiate mirroring one needs simply to swipe up with three fingers on the display, though you'll be out of luck if you've got a One V — only the One X and One S can handle mirroring. We'll publish our review of the Media Link HD soon, but if you can't wait it looks like AT&T is shipping the units out now. No word yet on pricing or availability from other carriers or retailers.