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Mad Catz announces its full line of Wii U accessories (hands on)

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We take a hands-on look at Mad Catz line of Wii U accessories to be released alongside the Wii U when it arrives.

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Mad Catz showed off early versions of its Wii U accessories at E3 today, including the Kunai gaming headset, a Wiimote dual-charging dock, a Wii U controller dock, and an iPad Smart Cover-esque protector for the controller screen. We also got to see some Wii U styli from Mad Catz that haven't been announced yet.

While the aluminum Wii U controller dock we say today is stationary, the final version will be able to tilt up and down for optimum viewing angle. Strangely, you won't be able to use the dock along with the Wii U controller cover. As we said above, it borrows heavily from the iPad Smart Cover styling and even uses a magnet to latch closed, but that magnet doesn't turn the controller on or off.

In a more traditional vein, the Wiimote Charger is also made out of aluminum and uses magnets to guide and secure the Wiimotes on their charging pins. Finally, Mad Catz's multi-platform Kunai gaming headset will be released for the Wii U, 3DS, PS Vita, for $50 and $60 for the PS3 version. While specific availability on all of the above is unknown, Mad Catz expects that all of these accessories will hit store shelves in time for the launch of the Wii U.