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Nuance introduces Dragon ID voice-activated security for smartphones

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With Nuance's Dragon ID, you will be able to unlock your phone with just the sound of your voice.

dragon id
dragon id

Between Dragon Drive, Dragon TV, Dragon Express, and more, it's clear that Nuance is no stranger to a person's voice. Now the company has positioned the winged reptile as your phone's security with Dragon ID. By using a combination of biometrics and a vocal pass phrase, Dragon ID can identify a user based on their unique "voice imprint," even if they're in a noisy place or feeling under the weather.

In addition to acting as a safeguard for you phone, Dragon ID also accepts voice commands as simple as asking what time it is to more complex requests like instructing the device to launch the last game you played. Nuance is currently working on selling the software to OEMs to have the program pre-loaded on devices, as opposed to offering an app in a mobile marketplace. If the fact that you can't install this tomorow hasn't dampened your enthusaismm, you can check out Nuance's concept video below.