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Hands-on with a touchscreen Asus Zenbook Prime

Hands-on with a touchscreen Asus Zenbook Prime


Hands-on impressions of the Asus Zenbook Prime UX21A with touchscreen.

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We're still waiting for the Zenbook Prime UX21A to see a full release, but Asus has already prepared another variant for show here at Computex Taipei — a Windows 8 model equipped with a touchscreen. The company told us it's being "considered for production" right now, so we're not sure if it'll ever find a place in Asus's extensive Windows 8 lineup, but we came away impressed from our brief session with the ultrabook.

Touch response was excellent, and the hinge doesn't wobble under pressure from taps like the Samsung prototypes we saw yesterday. We're still yet to be fully convinced by the touchscreen clamshell form factor, whatever Intel might say, but there's no denying it feels a lot more natural on such a compact machine. Beyond the addition of touch it's the same Zenbook Prime UX21A, with an amazing 11.6-inch 1080p IPS display, Ivy Bridge processor, and thin aluminum construction. We've seen a lot of ultrabooks over the past few days, and this might well turn out to be the best... if it ever makes it to market, that is.