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Drobo and Belkin Thunderbolt peripherals appear at Computex

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Intel is using Computex as an opportunity to highlight Thunderbolt peripherals, including the Belkin Express Dock and a new Drobo storage device.

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Gallery Photo:

It's taken a while for Thunderbolt to gain wider adoption, but Intel is using Computex as an opportunity to highlight the connectivity standard. Two of the more notable products at its booth are the $399.99 Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock that was announced yesterday, along with a new Thunderbolt-enabled Drobo storage device. Unfortunately we're not yet able to do real-world performance tests on these devices, but the Belkin dock's solid construction at least gave us some idea of what you'll get for your not insignificant amount of cash. Meanwhile, Drobo claims that the move to Thunderbolt should boost the storage service's transfer speeds by up to 20 times. No word yet on when it'll be released, or indeed how much it'll cost.