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Windows Embedded Standard 8 CTP 2 now available to download

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Microsoft is releasing a second preview of its Windows Embedded Standard 8 operating system.

Windows Embedded 8
Windows Embedded 8

Microsoft is releasing a second version of its Windows Embedded Standard 8 Community Technology Preview today. Windows Embedded powers a number of devices like ATMs, kiosks, and even car dashboards. The latest preview includes a Metro style app launcher, Kinect for Windows compatibility and gesture filters for developers who intend to create apps for the platform.

Microsoft says the enterprise version of Windows Embedded 8 will be released three months after Windows 8 is generally available, and the standard version will arrive six months after that. Windows Embedded 8 developers can download the latest CTP 2 today in order to test Internet Explorer 10, NFC support, security enhancements, and to create Metro style applications.