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Microsoft has now sold over 600 million licenses of Windows 7

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Microsoft has announced that Windows 7 has now sold over 600 million licenses.

Windows 7 600 million licenses
Windows 7 600 million licenses

Microsoft announced today that the company has now sold over 600 million licenses of Windows 7 since its introduction in October 2009. Speaking at Computex 2012, Microsoft's Steve Guggenheimer revealed the number while demonstrating some of the latest Windows 7 devices. Microsoft previously announced in January that the company had reached 525 million licenses sold of Windows 7, and prior to that the operating system reached 240 million in sales to mark its first birthday. Windows 7 is now running on more than 39 percent of internet connected devices worldwide, according to Microsoft.

While Windows 7 is clearly selling well, Microsoft's focus is shifting towards Windows 8. "This is the biggest launch time in Microsoft's history," said Guggenheimer. "In addition to updating Windows client, Windows Server, phone and embedded platforms, there's a massive wave of software and services coming to market that we think will delight customers, from Windows Azure, to Office 15, Xbox games, Skype and Bing." We've seen some examples of Microsoft's Xbox work this week at E3, but despite some early leaks we've yet to fully see Office 15 — something we're hoping to see in beta form over the summer. Microsoft's OEMs have unveiled a number of Windows RT and Windows 8 tablets and convertibles this week at Computex 2012, paving the way towards what Microsoft hopes will be millions of Windows 8 sales.