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Intel demonstrates ultrabook-to-phone wireless charging

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Hands-on impressions of Intel's ultrabook-to-phone wireless charging demonstration.

intel wireless smartphone charging ultrabook 1024 stock
intel wireless smartphone charging ultrabook 1024 stock

Intel's new all-in-one PC concept features inductive charging for your keyboard, but the company isn't stopping there — it envisages a future where ultrabooks will top up your phone. Demonstrated with an Acer Aspire laptop, the wireless charger is slimline enough not to add too much bulk to the ultrabook's form, and it can charge a compatible phone when in close proximity. You'll know that it's working when you hear a satisfying ping, and a notification also pops up on the notebook's screen. The idea is that you won't have to carry around your phone charger so often, though we wonder if it might make a power source for your laptop a little more of a necessity.