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Snapdragon S4 laptops are in production for Windows RT, says Qualcomm's Rob Chandhok

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Qualcomm SVP Rob Chandhok says that Snapdragon-powered Windows RT notebooks are in production.

Qualcomm Windows RT roadmap
Qualcomm Windows RT roadmap

He wouldn't tell us when, where, or who would be building them, but Qualcomm SVP Rob Chandhok told us that laptops aren't just a potential application for the company's Snapdragon S4 chips. At Computex Taipei, he admitted that Snapdragon-powered Windows RT notebooks are actually in production at this very moment. After seeing what the Tegra-toting Asus Tablet 600 can do, it would certainly make a lot of sense, and don't forget that Toshiba has a prototype Windows RT laptop with a Texas Instruments OMAP chip. The era of the smartbook may finally be upon us. As far as Qualcomm's other Windows RT plans are concerned, take a peek at the slide above: starting this month, the company plans to commercialize its quad-core Snapdragon S4 APQ8064.

Speaking of Snapdragon chips and Microsoft software, Chandhok also dodged a question on Windows Phone 8 in a rather interesting way. When asked whether the existence of Snapdragon S4 in next-gen Windows Phone devices meant that the mobile operating system would now support dual-core, he said "you don't have to use both cores," and added, smiling, "there is no single-core S4."