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Clambook turns your iPhone or Android device into a laptop

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A new accessory called the Clambook is a laptop that's powered entirely by your smartphone.


Clamcase's range of iPad cases add laptop functionality to your tablet with a built-in keyboard and stand, and with the upcoming Clambook the company is hoping to do the same thing for your smartphone. Only instead of a case, the Clambook is essentially a laptop that's powered by your phone. It features an aluminum shell, widescreen display, 3D Cinema Sound, and full keyboard (complete with dedicated Android keys), but it doesn't come to life until it's connected to your phone via an MHL cable, acting as a second screen to display all of your apps, games, and media.

It works with both Android devices and the iPhone, and for Ice Cream Sandwich phones the built-in trackpad supports scrolling, pinching, zooming, and swiping with two fingers. It's also compatible with Motorola's Webtop on supported phones. Unfortunately, while this all sounds pretty great, for now the product only exists as some renders on Clamcase's site — though the company says that the real thing will be available this holiday season for an unknown price.