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See an Apple II get torn down, cleaned up, and put back in working order

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Watch close to an hour of the teardown and re-build of an Apple II Plus.

Apple II teardown
Apple II teardown

So you decided to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Apple II by picking up one of the computers online, but now what? There's a good chance that the machine won't be in proper working condition, but thankfully Todd Harrison is here to help. Over on his blog, Harrison has posted two lengthy videos in which he tears down an Apple II Plus, cleans it up, and puts it back together, before finally setting up and demonstrating the computer in action. He even provides some historical tidbits along the way. It's a lengthy watch — both videos combined clock in at close to an hour — but for enthusiasts and new Apple II owners it's also a great, in-depth look at the inner workings of an iconic machine.