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Schott's Xensation Cover glass set to go head-to-head with Gorilla Glass later this year

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Xensation Cover glass is coming to smartphones this year, which manufacturer Schott claims has '20 percent higher bending strength' than comparable materials.

schott xensation cover glass
schott xensation cover glass

Corning currently has a commanding hold of the smartphone glass market, but Schott hopes to usurp the Gorilla Glass manufacturer with the introduction of its Xensation Cover glass. By using aluminosilicate glass — the same material used to make Gorilla Glass — Schott claims that Xensation Cover has "up to 20 percent higher bending strength" than comparable materials. The glass is said to be optimized for mass production, allowing large quantities of the product to be quickly rolled without sacrificing strength, while potentially lowering production costs in the process. Xensation Cover glass will be making its debut on devices during the third quarter of this year.