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Sparrow teases iPad app: 'we are preparing something bigger'

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A new page on Sparrow's site teases an iPad-optimized version of the app is coming soon.

sparrow lead
sparrow lead

Evidently iOS is treating Sparrow well: the company only recently launched a version of its email app designed for the iPhone, and now it's teasing that there's an iPad-optimized version in the works too. There's a new landing page at Sparrow's site, with no information other than a coy "We are preparing something bigger" teaser and a place to sign up for updates. The URL,, is a bit of a giveaway though, as is the iPad that pops up from the bottom with a Sparrow icon once you've signed up. Details are pretty nonexistent for now, but needless to say we're looking forward to the big-screen version of the app that replaced on many iPhone homescreens here at The Verge.