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Solar Impulse completes first solar-powered intercontinental flight

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The Solar Impulse, a completely solar power plane, has completed a 20-hour intercontinental flight from Spain to Morocco.

Solar Impulse
Solar Impulse

The Solar Impulse plane, which runs entirely on solar energy as the name implies, has completed its first intercontinental journey between Madrid, Spain, and Morocco. The journey took a total of 20 hours to complete at a cruising speed of around 43.5mph, safely bringing the Solar Impulse to the Rabat-Salé airport last night. The plane was piloted by Bertrand Piccard, who conceptualized the project all the way back in 2003, and has been developing the Solar Impulse ever since. The 208-foot wide, carbon-fiber wings of the Solar Impulse are covered in 11,628 solar cells, which power the propellers and charge the lithium-ion batteries at the same time. Piccard and his team are working their way toward flying around the world using only solar power, a goal they hope to achieve sometime in the next year.