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Google Maps offline for Android coming soon

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Google Maps has new features to announce

maps offline
maps offline

Google has just announced that Google Maps for Android will work offline, no longer requiring an internet connection. The feature is not actually entirely new, as it has been available as a "Labs" beta feature on Android for some time. However, Google has filled out the feature and brought it to the fore. It's robust enough that if a device has a compass, Google Maps will work with that., though it's not clear if other features like Street View, directions, or navigation will be supported. To enable offline maps, you simply need to select a top-level menu option to save a local area — currently Labs supports a 10-square mile area, but no word yet on how much you'll be able to save with the upcoming feature. However, it does appear as though you can save multiple map areas, as you can see above. Google didn't specify exactly when the feature is coming, unfortunately.