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Google on Maps in iOS: 'committed to offering those services on all platforms'

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When asked about Apple's reported move away from Google Maps on iOS, Google said it was committed to remaining on as many platforms as possible.

Brian McClendon Google Maps VP
Brian McClendon Google Maps VP

Despite reports that Apple will be moving away from Google Maps on its mobile software, Google has just said it's committed to keeping the service available. Asked specifically about Google Maps' future on iOS, Brian McClendon, VP of Engineering, Google Maps, said that "We will continue to make Google Maps services available as widely as possible," adding "we're really proud of Google Maps." When later asked why Maps for iOS doesn't provide the same robust features as on Android, Google rephrased the previous answer, saying that "Google Maps services are capable of doing a lot. We are committed to offering those services on all platforms."

It's been common knowledge that Apple is trying to reduce its dependence on Google, and recent rumors have said that a new mapping system, based on OpenStreetMaps, will replace the current Maps app. If Google remains on the platform, it will likely do so with an independent app of its own.