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    Google's 'personal communication device' could be ready for FCC submission in August

    Google's 'personal communication device' could be ready for FCC submission in August


    A new FCC filing suggests that Google's "next generation personal communication device" could be ready to submit to the FCC in August.

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    Earlier this year Google asked the FCC for permission to start testing what it describes as a "next generation personal communication device" — and with the special temporary authority that was granted due to end on July 26th, the company now wants an extension. "Based on projected milestones, Google anticipates that by August 2012 it will have a fully compliant device ready for submission for FCC equipment authorization," the company explained in a new filing. In addition to getting an extension, Google also wants to increase the number of devices being tested — initially 102 units were given to Google employees, but the company wants to bump that up to 722, the vast majority of which will be tested in Mountain View, California.

    Unfortunately, it's still not entirely clear what the device is, though the latest filing does provide some hints as to its functionality. Aside from the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, which we already knew, Google says that GPS tracking for the devices is currently in testing, while the ability to "examine the increased load effects of streaming content" was also listed as a reason for the extension. It's also possible that the prototype is some kind of mobile device, as Google says that the "use of applications and services likely will vary during business or other travel as compared to standard home or office use." But with device set to potentially be submitted to the FCC in August, it might not be too much longer before we figure out what it actually is.