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    Wilco releases interactive tour documentary created with Apple's iBooks Author

    Wilco releases interactive tour documentary created with Apple's iBooks Author


    Alt-rock group Wilco has released an interactive tour documentary that was designed using Apple's iBooks Author app.

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    Apple's iBooks platform has proven its mettle as an interactive learning tool, but can that promise extend to the world of rock and roll? That's apparently what alt-rockers Wilco intend to find out with the release of a ebook called The Incredible Shrinking Tour of Chicago. Available now in the Books section of iTunes, the title chronicles a run of performances from late last year that were held at some of Chicago's more intimate venues. Wilco calls the city home, and the band took to smaller stages as a way of saying thanks to some of their most loyal fans.

    Calling this 280MB download a "book" is a bit misleading however, since the only text you'll be reading across its 14 pages are setlists from each of the five shows. Otherwise it's largely a collection of photos, audio, and video — which only seems appropriate for the subject matter. Inside you'll find dozens of live shots (and images of the limited edition posters that commerated each night) along with one free audio track and a pair of behind-the-scenes rehearsal clips. It might not be very sweeping in scope, but The Incredible Shrinking Tour of Chicago is sure to serve as a nice keepsake for Wilco fans. It's also a great demonstration of what artists can do with Apple's iBooks Author app. We've included a small preview of the title below, but seeing as it's a free download, why not give the full thing a look?