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Thunderbird 13 lets you register for custom email addresses without leaving the app

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A new update for email client Thunderbird lets users but personalized email addresses within the app itself.

Mozilla Thunderbird Icon
Mozilla Thunderbird Icon

Mozilla's rapid update cycle for email client Thunderbird continues, and the latest version now lets users sign up for a new custom email address without having to leave the app. The company has partnered up with domain name services Hover and Gandi to offer the feature, and while anyone can use it, the current partners are based in Europe and North America, so country-specific domains outside of those regions aren't available — though Mozilla says that it's working on finding more partners to help cover the rest of the world. Aside from that, the latest update also lets you connect your account to filesharing service YouSendIt for sending large files — so instead of a big attachment, you can simply include a link. Support for additional services is expected to be added "in the near future." You can grab Thunderbird 13 now from the source link below.