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Google rolls out bugfix updates to Google Maps, Shopper, and Chrome for Android

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Google has released stability and bugfix updates for Google Maps, Shopper, and Chrome for Android.

Chrome Beta Android (The Verge)
Chrome Beta Android (The Verge)

Back in April Google VP Sundar Pichai said that the company was hoping to move Chrome for Android out of beta "in a matter of weeks." While it hasn't arrived yet, Google is moving the ball forward with a new stability update for the mobile browser, with Google Shopper and Maps also getting minor refreshes. New versions of all three apps were released today, and while the focus is on stomping out bugs, Chrome is getting a reshuffled settings menu. Google Maps received an update just a few days ago that brought Zagat integration — paying off on Google's acquisition of the restaurant review company last September — along with the ability to initiate new directions from bubbles within the app. Unfortunately there's no sign in today's Maps update of the official offline mode the company teased this morning. If you'd like to update the apps, they're available in the Google Play Store now.