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AT&T HTC One X update released OTA with Wi-Fi tweaks

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HTC has released an update to the AT&T variant of the One X that brings a couple of Wi-Fi improvements with it. The upgrade to version 1.85.502.3 is rolling out now OTA.

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If you've been experiencing Wi-Fi problems on your AT&T HTC One X, you'll be happy to hear that HTC has seen it fit to release a minor update to address the issue. The new version — number 1.85.502.3 — is rolling out now OTA to users, and HTC tells us that it "improves operation when a device leaves Wi-Fi coverage" and increases throughput as well. AT&T users on both the xda-developers and Android Central forums are offering conflicting reports on what changes they're seeing — some claim battery life has dropped and others see no improvement to Wi-Fi performance — and, of course, if you've rooted your One X you'll lose it when you upgrade. We're disappointed that HTC hasn't yet addressed a text message notification issue that we've been experiencing, but we're still keeping our fingers crossed that the next update will address that issue. It's worth noting that this update appears to be identical to one that was leaked on the web a couple of weeks ago, so there may be no need to upgrade if you took advantage of that leak.

Complete changelog, courtesy HTC:

- Wi-Fi Connectivity Improvement - improves operation when a device leaves Wi-Fi coverage.
- Wi-Fi Throughput (Speed Increase)
- AT&T Address Book fixes - Contacts formatting when synced to AAB